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Hello! I’m Amy Miller, a current 5th/6th grade teacher in Shorewood. My partner teacher and I have 53 students this year. Short-term my professional goals are related to time management. I want to be able to give my students and their families the attention and support they deserve while also focusing on my coursework at UWM.

With my eventual graduate degree my goals will be to apply what I’ve learned to my craft. (I expect to retire from the classroom, I’ve no interest in being an administrator.) When I think back on who I was when I started teaching 10-years ago I was unaware of all I didn’t know as an educator. Each year my metacognition has grown and nothing I’ve done from year to year has been the same. Change is the only constant in public education, that was something I quickly learned. Being open to continually seeing and embracing the opportunities that change provides is my overarching goal.
I am particularly passionate about providing my students with high quality books in our classroom library. Knowing what I do about the power of literature to reflect students’ lives while also teaching life lessons, I love this website to ensure our titles are diverse:


2 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Amy, 53 students sounds very intimidating, and it makes me wonder what are your go-to strategies to providing instruction at each tier level for the students in your classroom. You obviously have a talent and I hope to learn more from you, specifically, about your classroom management during the school day.

    Change is one thing that can also be intimidating. Especially, if you’ve found a pattern that has consistently worked for you as a teacher and for your students- how would you defend what’s worked with administrators that are proposing changes that might work against what you’ve already set in motion?



  2. Hi Amy!
    It was great reading your post. I understand your need for time management. I can’t imagine being responsible for 53 students, having a home life as well as going to school! I really like what you had to say about change. I think being open to ongoing change is incredibly important. I already browsed the link that you provided and saved to my favorites! I will definitely put that to use in my future classroom. I look forward to reading your future posts!
    – Kelsey


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