Blog 3- Technology in the classroom

Creating a Kahoot! as a visual would be a nice change of pace for students. They are very familiar with smart phones as well as tablets and computers so integrating this technology into the classroom will really engage them. I would use a Kahoot! as an assessment at the end of the unit but more so as a fun review for them. I used this as a vocabulary review because it requires participation from all students rather than just calling on a single student to give the answer.

Creating this visual showed me how easy it is to integrate visuals into the classroom. It also deepened my understanding when creating it because I was thinking about coming up with common misconceptions that the students may have. If you know the wrong answer that can help with coming up with the correct answer. This also helps with student engagement because they get to see how many of their classmates got the answer correct compared to how many answered wrong. This also helps me as a teacher understand how my students collectively understand the content. If a lot of the students are getting the answers wrong it shows me that they aren’t ready for the assessment and to come back and do some more review.

Creating a simple visual helps with student engagement and student understanding. It shows a different way for students to expand and/or test their thinking.


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