Fruits From the Field

Fruits From the Field

By, Megan Marquis


  • This is a voice recording website that can be accessed from any ipad, chromebook, laptop with internet connection.

Ways this Resource Can Be Used?

  • Peer Editing, Speech Writing/Timing, Manuscript Editing, Shortening Word Count, Reflecting on Word Choice, Maintaining the Meaning in an Essay while Editing, Presenting, Creating visual infographics/Presentations with sound, Voice Recording Notes, Creating Characters

My Philosophy:

  • Students aren’t always going to have time or access to a peer to edit their work, depending on what field there in, and the knowledge their peers may have about the topic they’re writing about. With this in mind, I believe students need to be able to hear how their writing sounds, in order to be able to make effective choices in editing their own work. By recording themselves reading aloud their writing, they can practice how they may present it in a real life context- and save the file to edit the next day. This gives the writing a time to rest, and the perfect amount of time a writer may need to take a break from what they’ve written so they can come back to it- in a new refreshed way. Using the recording they can listen to the life they bring to their writing, as they emphasize the meanings they’re intended to convery- and keep track of them in the editing process so they don’t accidentally loose the meaning they want to present while removing words or phrases – in order to fit a word count or time limit. They can use this free website, again and again, to reflect on their own stylistic uses of word choice, transitional phrases, descriptive language…etc to improve their writing on their own, on their own time, to grow and become the most effective writers they can be.

One thought on “Fruits From the Field

  1. Hi Megan, I agree, the use of can be used in the final stage of writing, editing. As I read your post I thought of a way to modify your suggestion of reading a draft to hear it played back. What if when a student thinks they’ve finished, they hand their final copy to a peer and ask THEM to record the text? I know there have been far too many times I’ve reread my work, only to have read over many misused words, punctuation errors, or incomplete or run-on sentences. As the authors, we sometimes read what we intended to write… A peer (with solid fluency) will read what’s on the page – warts and all, so to speak. Listening to their work played back, read by a peer can help focus their editing.

    As a teacher of 5th and 6th graders I’d be more hesitant to use during the revision process. If students are using Google Docs to draft, they can use Google Docs to play back their work to them (within Chrome there is a text to speech possibility). I find that this is the MOST important portion of the writing process (revision) and the one students avoid doing the most. For that reason our students draft (mostly) on lose leaf paper, skipping a line so they (and we) can see all of the revisions they’ve done. I know my students would love to use during the revision process, but I’m afraid it would be less productive. This certainly may not be the case for older students though.

    I’m glad you see multiple uses for – isn’t it great to have easy access to a free resource?!



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