Integrating Technology

The resource that I chose for a positive learning experience was a YouTube video. The video is a music video of the song titled, “Love Me Now” by John Legend. The video shows different places in the world that are struggling such as Iraq, Orlando and the Dominican Republic. The song’s meaning is about living in the now and living life to the fullest.

We used it in class to not only integrate social studies but also theme. We were able to apply theme to a different text set besides just a short story or passage.

This fits into my philosophy of teaching because as we were working on finding the theme from this music video we were also building classroom community. The students had to actively listen to each other about their experiences and their connections to the song and the video. It also went along with my philosophy of teaching because it allowed the students to really dig deep with their thoughts and connections in their lives.


2 thoughts on “Integrating Technology

  1. Kelsey, I love using music (and poetry) to build community in our classroom too! We tend not to use videos because we typically want students to focus on the words though and build their own meaning and understanding. Given the content of the John Legend song though, I’m certain his video enhanced their understanding, learning, and their overall conversations.

    We incorporate a poem or song each week into our teaching (alternating each type each week). We sometimes return to ones we’ve used in previous years, sometimes come across something new to us that fits the content of our ongoing classroom discussions/content, or sometimes our students bring in recommendations. When that happens I cannot help but smile. They are thinking, listening, responding and connecting their cultural influences to classroom experiences. It doesn’t get much better than that.

    It seems our philosophies are similar. Thanks for sharing. – Amy


  2. Having the students practice listening to each others responses, can be very challenging and this video helps create a moment that could catalyze empathy, where they are forced to practice these socio-emotional skills. John legend shares so much emotion in just one note- and in order to be able to successfully work with one another, students need to be able to remove their collaborative barriers, their misconceptions, their lenses that they are the only one in the world, in order to be able to start understanding their peers around them. This video is a great tool and I will definitely use it in my own class- in social studies, in socio-emotional learning, in literacy, Music….anywhere I can. Thank you for sharing!



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